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5 Lessons I learned after my first coupon shopping trip!

cs_shopppingblog 1.) Know the stores coupon policy!

When you are certain about the coupon policy, then you know when a store representative is making up their own policy to avoid you getting a deal, and you can politely reference the actual coupon policy with confidence.

2.) Checkout with coupon friendly cashiers!

I quickly learned that coupon friendly cashiers are hard to come by. So, if they are working during my couponing trip, I usually checkout in their line.

Here are a few qualities of a coupon friendly cashier:

  • Greets you with a smile
  • Pleasant attitude
  • Quickly yet accurately reads the coupon, to ensure you have the right product.
  • Scans coupons quickly to avoid holding up the line.
  • Genuinely happy that you are using coupons, and he/she is not annoyed if your total is less than $1.00

3.) Try not to draw too much attention to myself

As a coupon beginner if you go into a store with a huge Coupon BINDER (which I don’t use) and a t-shirt that says Extreme Couponer you may be followed, and spectators will be watching your every move at checkout. You will have people asking you how much did your total come up to. If you are not ready for that kind of publicity, I would suggest taking a low key approach.

Comment Below: And tell us about your first couponing shopping trip.

4.) Don’t free style your couponing shopping trip

I typically coupon with my children, so walking into a store assuming I can just go down the aisle and look for coupon matches was a BAD IDEA. The hours the trip took was no match for my children. Planning ahead is the best strategy for couponing as a busy mom. Nowadays, I go to the store with the mindset to get what I need and get out. This is what works best for my family.

5.) Start small

It’s important to learn the fundamentals of couponing before trying to run and keep up with the experienced couponers. Crawl before you walk, walk before you run. Don’t be discouraged if couponing hauls aren’t as big as everyone else. I’m not couponing for a competition, reminding yourself of why you started will help to encourage you along the way. Coupon according to your family needs and goals. In the future if you desire to progress, implement the rinse & repeat system, and you will see your stockpile begin to grow.




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