Latonya Davis

Couponpreneur™ & Couponing Success Coach

Helping Stay at Home Moms
Contribute to Their Households with Couponing

Meet Latonya

Latonya-Final-bioI am the “Couponing Success Coach!”

Aren’t you tired of feeling like you are missing out on all of these great couponing deals, and/or personal shopping opportunities?

You’ve been struggling to figure out extreme couponing for what feels like forever.

You’ve invested more time and effort than you ever thought possible, and still can’t catch a break because the heavy loaded binder system everyone told you to use just isn’t working and takes way to much time. You’ve payed too much out of pocket for your couponing hauls, and no matter how many youtube videos you’ve watched you still leave confused.

If you’ve ever dreamt of re-inventing everything and creating a massive stockpile without wasting time and money, then you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re an extreme couponer seeking time saving strategies, someone who dabbled in couponing, or a women who is ready to dive into the world of extreme couponing , I’ve got the key to your success.

I’m Latonya Davis and I’m the Couponing Success Coach.

I help women like you create massive stockpile without wasting time and money, so they can save their families hundreds of dollars per month.

I’ve spent years honing my craft, I have over thirteen years of teaching experience, and use my early childhood education skills to simplify learning for all ages. Over the past four years I’ve worked with more than 100 women and men to teach them the strategies to save on their groceries and household items. In addition, I’ve worked with extreme couponers teaching them to turn their couponing into profit by personal shopping. My students say,

“I am so grateful for the guidance and tutelage of my very own coupon diva Latonya our trip started purpose,planning,and preparation..following those simple steps anyone is guaranteed success. I’ve started and never stopped what a blessing for my family.”

Shamisha Evans

“Initially I knew nothing about couponing. I received one on one coaching from Latonya for a couple weeks. Today I’m making extra money, donating to charity and HAVE NOT paid full prices for house supplies and food for three years now. Thanks Latonya could not have done IT without YOU. Yes, I am a couponing success.”

Loretta Young

“Every bit of the class was enticing and I can’t wait to build my stockpile!”

Norfolk State University WEDC Workshop Participant

When you work with me you’ll walk away with the tools to develop frugal living strategies. You will learn the system extreme couponers use to lower their out of pocket expenses using clearance, sales, and coupons. Create your stockpile using less time and money. In addition, you will gain the knowledge and tools needed to “Cut Your Grocery Budget By Next Week,” before using any coupons, and without sacrificing your healthy lifestyle.

As a Couponing Success Coach, my philosophy is that you have what it takes to be a successful extreme couponer and personal shopper, but you must have the training in order to advance and avoid costly mistakes. Teaming up with the couponing success family will catapult your momentum.

You’re ready to go after your dreams


I’m here to show you how.

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