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Hello couponing family!! This will be a difficult post but so necessary. God has pushed me forward into a new chapter in my life, and I’ve tried to carry this with me and it’s NOT POSSIBLE. I want to say thank you for supporting me through this journey, and allowing me to coach many of you to success. Frugal & Fearless graduates I’m so proud of you, and grateful that you have allowed me share my knowledge of couponing with you. While I’m sad that couponing success coaching is over. I’m excited to step into the next chapters of my life. Many blessings and thanks to you all for allowing me to share my gifts with you.




Empowering You To Succeed,


Latonya Davis




2 Responses to NEW CHAPTER IN THIS BOOK!!!!!

  1. Can’t wait to see your posts about your new journeys and growth. You are sweet, compassionate,smart and most of all you love God. That’s all we need.i happy to hear that God is moving in your life. If we lived in a cave, would we still love him? I know the answer is yes,. But taking that into account and seeing how we live, and that he gives us our desires and surprises us in ways no one can. That’s really exciting. 😘

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