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What is a coupon database?

When I first begin couponing, I would always watch extreme couponers posting their couponing hauls and I would wonder “Which coupon inserts have those coupons?” On social media couponers would instantaneously respond “Check the coupon database!” But what the heck was a coupon database? Well, in simple terms a coupon database tells you where a coupon is located, just by typing in a description/brand of an item. For example, if you were to type in the word Tide in the coupon database, a list of all applicable coupons would generate. Included in the directory of coupons are clickable links to print free “Tide” coupons as well. This tool will help you save a vast amount of time when searching for a coupon.  To access the Couponing Success “coupon database” simply click here.


Coupon Database

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